My first EXPLORED photo on Flickr!

I have been on Flickr for many years now. About 6 years to be more precise. Photography is my part time hobby. Part time because I cannot allocate the amount of time it deserves to be a hobby. To me, hobby does not simply mean you love it. You love it and spend time on it.

It was an otherwise dull afternoon when I visited the Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado. We have been in here for over a year now but we didn’t get that time to explore much of the surroundings yet. We were hopeful last year, and we are hoping for some “time” this year and the year after.

The arsenal was calm as usual with only a few visitors slowly driving by. Everything seemed lazy all around. Cloudy overcast condition with a little chill made it every less eventful.

I stopped for a herd of white tailed deer grazing just beside the road we were on. A stopped car was there who came ahead of me and was enjoying the peaceful grazing of the deer. With no wind and no sun, it was only the deer that were moving. I snapped a few “keeper” photos of the deer.

By then the sun has gone over the Rockies and it was getting cold. I saw this beautiful scene on my left, a little far from the road and from the grazing deer. I moved ahead and passed the deer herd, then stopped the vehicle. I rolled down the driver side window to get a better position with my 70-200 F2.8 IS USM–a sizable lens, to be honest.

I took two or three shots. Later, I post processed in Lightroom to my liking by adding some color to the cloud. It looked pretty contrasty after I had processed it. Then I posted it on Flickr like I do for all my photos.

And here is the photo.
A view of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado

The next morning, I noticed some activities on my Flickr photo, and an invitation to submit the photo to a group called “in-explore”. My heart jumped a little–did it make it to Explore? I wasn’t sure. Then I visited that day’s explore photo page ( and found mine. A ha! at last it had made it to the Explore list!

For those interested ones, here’s the exif data:

Canon 6D with EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM
ƒ/4.0 105.0 mm 1/200 ISO 100

It was a happy moment for me to say the least. My first photo that got explored! It had made my day. I think this event has changed my philosophy of how I shoot photos. Now I am starting to think about the evolution of my photographic philosophy.

Thanks for reading!

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