Sunrise over the Rocky Mountain

The sun was rising and so were the other creations. When I woke up to pray Fajr this morning, I noticed this beautiful glow of reddish pink in the West Southwest part of the skies […]


For the love of food – Bangladeshi dessert

To a Bangladeshi, perhaps the most beloved of all dessert is the rosogolla (রসগোল্লা), literally which means juice ball. As it may sound to those who are unfamiliar with such desserts, the literal meaning does not […]


Under the red maple tree

Under the greenwood red maple tree Who loves to lie with me, And turn his merry note Unto the sweet bird’s throat, Come hither, come hither, come hither:             Here […]


Photography at Maroon Bells at midday

Maroon Bells is perhaps the most photographed place in Colorado. We share photos of the iconic mountain taken at midday during our recent visit there. The iconic mountain draws a huge crowed during the peak […]


Guide to Elk viewing and photographing at the Rocky Mountain National Park

About this article This article is about locations where to view elk at the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA. It provides a list of selected references on elk, their behavior, and how to photograph […]


Wildlife viewing at Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek state park is one of the 44 state parks in Colorado. These parks are under the authority of Colorado Parks & Wildlife. If you go to their website, you will find a list of Colorado […]


Selected photographs shot over the last six years

When I tried to select some photographs from among the photos that I had shot over the years, I’ve discovered myself to be mainly a event-photographer. I consider myself a true nature lover and wildlife […]


My first EXPLORED photo on Flickr!

I have been on Flickr for many years now. About 6 years to be more precise. Photography is my part time hobby. Part time because I cannot allocate the amount of time it deserves to be […]